Address Printing Guide

Guest address printing is included in all Collection invitation suites for your convenience. This enables you to simply assemble, stuff and mail your invitation suites when they arrive. There are a few guidelines and tips for submitting your address file. Please make sure you read through the guide below before submitting your order.


Guests addresses are DIGITALLY printed, and can either match the ink color of your printed stationery, be printed in black ink, or printed in white ink if you are purchasing colored envelopesYou will submit your excel file in the template format provided below.


The designed guest/recipient address file will be proofed with the rest of your order. If we do not receive the guest/recipient address excel file with your order, your order will be held until it is emailed to us. Your proofing timeline will not begin without this excel document. If you are not uploading it with your order, it may be emailed to us at 

Please ensure that your guest list is 100% correct BEFORE submitting. Your envelopes will be included in the 3 rounds of proofing edits for your full invitation suite.


The address template provided includes columns for name(s), street address, city and state, and zip code. If you need to add a line for apartment or unit number, please add an additional column. 

Please be sure to type out everything as you would like it to appear on your envelopes. For example, ‘and’ or ‘&’ sign and ‘Mr. and Mrs.’. 

Please spell out states, street, road, avenue, apartment, etc. unless you prefer to have the abbreviation printed instead.

If zeros are disappearing from the beginning of your zip codes, change the contents of the excel cell to “Text” instead of numbers.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have specific addressing questions!