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Fall Reset

A Fall Reset

I’m sitting up here at the lake, basking in this beautiful sunrise and drinking way too many cups of coffee. I’m a morning person. But not actually a morning person. I make myself get up early because I love to have time to sip my coffee, lounge in my chair and read (or scroll through Pinterest) in those first few hours of the day. Meanwhile my husband is watering plants, plastering walls and doing who knows what. We’re wired a little differently in that respect. 

But at the lake we’re both the relaxing morning type. It’s the weekend and we don’t have internet here (WHAT?!) Anyways, this reflection has lead me to think about transitions. The transition into Fall specifically.

I have this love for Fall like many people do. But I think I love it not only because of the decorations or the pumpkins everywhere, but because it’s a season of slowing down. It means more time with our families, more time preparing great slow-cooked Autumn-inspired dishes, watching leaves turn, and stopping to smell those amazing Fall scents. It’s a time to gather together after a busy hot summer, put on a hoodie and sit around a fire. It’s a time to read a good book on your porch in the morning with hot coffee. It’s a time to be comfortable, warm and to reset your focus for the remainder of the year.

Fall is the perfect time to reset. I love to reset my wardrobe with darker colors and bigger sweaters but I also like to reset my intentions and goals for October, November and December. Goals like: 

  • giving back to my community more this season through our church
  • preparing a new collection of invitations for my business
  • carrying out a business rebrand – CHECK!
  • setting new career goals for myself
  • make exercising in the morning my first priority 
  • making an effort to shut my computer down in the evenings in order to have quality time with my husband – even if it’s watching Olivia Pope 😉 
  • and many more.

I hope that you take time to do a reset this Fall – whatever that may look like to you. Don’t make that Fall bucket list of all the things you want to do (bonfires, pumpkin carving, chili making!) and get caught up looking at a screen the whole season. 


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