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January Desktop Decor

January Mint Desktop Decor

I always like to start a New Year off fresh – with new goals, a clean house, an organized day planner and a new desktop background. There’s something about cleaning off my computer desktop and organizing those little icons that make me feel like I’ve got it together. I have a habit of saving everything to my desktop and ignoring those color coordinated folders that I’ve created for all my files and projects. At my worst, my icons have spilled over onto my second screen… that’s when I know it’s time for a cleaning! I’ve created a fresh new desktop background with a sweet reminder for January. “Her mouth speaks from that which fuels her heart.” Luke 6:45. I think this verse is so fitting for those of us creating new years’ resolutions and goals for the coming year. One of my goals is to make sure the words I’m speaking are a reflection of what’s in my heart and not knee-jerk reactions or idle talk. I think sometimes we speak just to have something to say when many times it’s good just to listen. 

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

I hope you are enjoying your New Years day and are taking time today to reflect on the past year and plan for an exciting 2014! Download January’s desktop decor below (click to download & then right click or ‘cntrl’ click to save as your desktop or iPhone background).

Mint Luke Verse Desktop Background

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