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Our Engagement Video by Style & Story Creative

As many of you can relate to, it’s been quite the hectic last few months! A good kind of hectic though ๐Ÿ™‚ With showers and planning, my blog has taken a back seat, but I know that post-wedding, I’ll have much to share and new projects to write about! For right now, I’m simply enjoying this stage. Everyone I’ve talked to says it goes by so fast, and boy are they right. Josh and I are making an effort to just soak these times in. Whether we’re busy organizing closets (that man has soooo many clothes) or picking out bow tie colors, I try to stop and take a mental note because we’ll never get this time back. I hope to do the same on our wedding day.

Our friends and photographers, Ben and Les from Style & Story Creative, created this beautiful engagement video for us this past weekend. They are so talented and I couldn’t wait to see their vision come to life. We explored all the awesome areas of Columbus to create the video. Such a fun day! Take a look and be sure to visit their Facebook page for more of their beautiful work. I tear up every time I listen to the words. They are so meaningful and such a spot on representation of our relationship. Oh and throughout the video, it’s Josh doing the voice over, which I think makes it extra sweet ๐Ÿ™‚



Meet Meg

I’m the owner and designer behind Meg Morrow – a wedding stationery design and monogram boutique based in the Midwest. Here in my Design Notes, you can keep up with the latest happenings at MM Design and my recent work, along with a little bit of what’s going on in our little family. I’m thrilled you stopped by!