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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I’m so thrilled to share this post with you today! I have been wanting to share the way I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding a few weeks ago. They are just so special to me that I couldn’t help but put together something cute and fun for them to open! I have to admit that I did in fact get this idea off of Pinterest (the place where all good ideas come from). But I tried to add a few little touches to make it my own. So here they are! My homemade “Will you be my bridesmaid?” boxes. Please excuse some of the photos as they were taken with my phone 🙂 will you be my bridesmaid boxesDSC_0880

I am having six bridesmaids and this project took me a little over a week to do, just working on it an hour or so a night. I painted the front and insides of wooden boxes from Michael’s and added a layer of shellac once I wrote their names on the front in gold leaf pen and added “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or “Will you be my maid of honor?” to the inside of each lid. I added the dots for a special touch and finally a bow at the end after they were packed.

I included several special goodies in each box including:

  • Four informational cards: one about the wedding itself, one about their dress and shoes, one about the schedule of the weekend and one that introduces all the other bridesmaids
  • Pieces from my wedding inspiration board
  • Fabric that I plan on using
  • A Stila lipgloss
  • And something sweet to eat

For the inspiration photos, I printed full sheets of my inspiration board and cut them into pieces. This was so much easier than printing individual photos! I liked the idea of giving my girls a little taste of the wedding so they would get excited! In each card, I gave specific details about our venue, the hotel where I had a block of rooms, how to go about reserving their room, how to order their dress and what styles I had picked out and also a little tentative schedule for the weekend – I loved sharing that we are planning a private morning yoga sesh on the lawn at our inn! I’m so looking forward to that as a way to calm nerves and set the tone for the day.

There are plenty of details that I could have added, but I wanted to just give them the important details first. I thought it was nice to include a photo of each girl so they would know who would be joining them in the party. (Hoping that all the girls said yes! – and they did!)  I hope my bridesmaids and maids of honor (yes two!) enjoyed opening their boxes as much as I enjoyed making them! 

Will you be my bridesmaid boxes






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